Here’s how a wood fired hot tub will add value to your holiday home or Airbnb

Sep 1, 2021

If you’re a holiday home owner and want to attract more guests as well as increase the value of your property, a wooden hot tub will make the warmest welcome and make your guests long to return all year round.

 The main reasons why holiday homeowners bring hot tubs for their guests

A wood fired hot tub has proven to be a sensible investment for homeowners for these wins: 

  • A wooden hot tub resulted in more bookings. With the current travel restrictions, more and more people are spending their holiday locally and the hot tub will add a unique feature to any property.
  • Guests left more positive comments after experiencing the advantages of a wood burning hot tub. And holiday homeowners love happy guests. They’re more likely to re-book themselves and spread the word of mouth.
  • A wood fired hot tub allowed many owners to increase their earnings. This usually works in two ways – either a holiday homeowner increases the booking price by 10–20% on average or they have a busier calendar with more people booking the place just because of a wooden hot tub.
  • A wood burning hot tub increased the value of the property. Adding a hot tub is a great way to increase the overall value of the property should they ever consider selling it. 

 The main attraction all year round

 Bubbling water in a wood fired hot tub will draw your holiday home guests any time of the year. Feeling the soft bites of chill and then immediately vanishing them once you get to the wooden hot tub creates so much comfort and joyful peace. During the summer months, the hot tub provides a great option to cool down in the cold water. It’s an effortless way to experience many health benefits, such as soothing the aching joints, improving sleep, and others.

 A simple and cheap way to bring water pleasures for your guests

A wood fired hot tub is an intuitive and seamless addition to a well-equipped naturalistic holiday home. Compared to having a swimming pool, a wooden hot tub costs but a fraction. The ongoing costs of a wooden hot tub are meagre.

  • You’ll need firewood to get the water hot.
  • If choosing an off-grid hot tub model, you’ll need to drain and replace the water every day of use.
  • If you select the model with a water filter, massage system and LED light, you’ll need some electric power, filter cartridges and chemicals to maintain pristine water hygiene for longer periods and comply with hygiene requirements.

 Exceeding your guests’ expectations

With a wood burning hot tub present in a cosy holiday home, a few days’ or weeks’ retreat will get more memorable and relaxing to your guests at any weather, any time of the year. Steaming water of a wood fired hot tub upon arrival will create the impression that you’ve gone the extra mile. Encourage your guests to participate in the authentic ritual of burning the logs when heating water, and feel the emotional reset.

 A wooden hot tub is truly an investment that will take little space but give maximum pleasure for your guests – and yourself.