Amidst a heatwave: turning your hot tub into a ‘cool tub’

Sep 24, 2021

When temperatures rise to heatwave levels, our attention inevitably turns to how to cool down. 9 times out of 10, these will include water, when we’re not delegating the issue to air conditioners. The spacious Gardenvity’ cool tub’ comes to the rescue!

When things get sweltering, sometimes it’s hard to even think about soaking in hot water. Let’s not forget that a tub does not have to be hot all the time. Read on to find out how your Gardenvity hot tub can help you cool down.

First and foremost , it’s even more important to remember the basics of how to keep safe amidst a heatwave.

1. General safety when exposed to excessive heat

The two crucial recommendations to avoid discomfort when it’s extremely hot are staying cool and hydrating often. This means consuming more fluids than usual.

Avoid sugary or diuretic drinks, including caffeine and alcohol, which will make dehydration worse.

Rely mainly on clean, fresh water as your best choice for hydration.

Unsweetened coconut water, fat-free milk, buttermilk, yoghurt can be even better than water in retaining moisture within the body.

When the weather is hot, a hot drink can cool you down by causing you to sweat more. Be sure to replenish what you lose with sweat.

Move to shaded areas or well-ventilated rooms, especially at around midday, 11 AM to 3 PM.

Fill buckets or basins with cool water and soak your feet. It also helps to wear wet towels and scarves on the head or shoulders.

2. Cool water in a hot tub to refresh yourself

Turning your hot tub into a summertime cool tub can be a perfect solution these hot summer days.

Keep in mind that the water in your cool tub doesn’t have to be ice-cold to act as a re-freshener. Anything under your body temperature will cool you down, even if it’s only a couple of degrees’ difference.

The water in the tub needs only moderate heating to around 30-34°C, which cools the body and is safe for children to play in (for extended periods) without worrying about them getting cold.

Check the water temperature when you fill the tub and fire the heater only for a short while. In summer, it will heat the water at a rate of about 15°C /hour.

Keep the tub covered while heating the water and when not in use. It will help you maintain the water temperature – stay cool during a hot day and prevent cooling too much during the night. 

3. Water hygiene when you keep it cool

Water treatment is just as important in your cool tub as it is in a hot tub. Refer to our special article on water hygiene and follow the instructions to keep the water crystalline and safe for all.

Continue to check water pH levels and use treatment products just as you usually would.

And don’t forget to run the water filter for 4-5 hours daily.

Keeping the water clean and colder than usual in a hot tub will help you on those hot summer days. We advise you to still keep it warmish as not to expose yourself to big temperature differences. Enjoy the heat in your Gardenvity cool tub!