7 Ways a Wood Fired Hot Tub Can Make You Healthier

Dec 2, 2019

Multiple reasons create a desire to bring a wooden hot tub into your garden. Heat, immersion, buoyancy, and vibration (created by jets) have many health, sensory, and social benefits to all suffering from pains, injuries, stress, and anxiety.

If you believe that a happy body is a home for a happy soul, then you should learn about the 7 main health benefits that you can receive from soaking in a wood-burning hot tub. 

Relax from stress and anxiety

Water and warmth soothe your mental pains away, as well as all the physical work that needs to be done when preparing for that precious moment of finally dipping your toes, and then the whole body into hot water.

This might effectively be your late Friday night ritual when you think least about the tensions and problems in your life. Leave it all in a wood fired hot tub!

Relieving muscle and joint pains

This benefit of a wooden hot tub is extremely relevant for those in pain. When your body gets warm, its blood circulation becomes more active, and it helps all those tiny, invisible knots in your sore muscles relax.

Getting more fresh air

You can’t escape fresh air when using a wood-burning hot tub, can you?

So all those hours and minutes spent bathing (and heating or maintaining!) in the hot tub will be hours spent well for your brain, lungs, heart, immune system, skin, energy levels, and overall happiness.

Cleansing your skin

A wood-fired hot tub can contribute to beauty as well. When we get warm, our skin pores open up and eliminate various toxins and waste from the body. That’s what people use saunas for, and that’s why it feels good when you sweat in a workout.

Make laying in a wooden hot tub a regular habit at least once a week, and you should soon see your skin radiating more health and happiness.

Just make sure you drink plenty of water, so you don’t get the opposite results from dehydrating.

Burning calories

Can you believe that a wood-burning hot tub can help you burn calories?

It almost sounds too good to be true, but intensive sweating caused by the warm water in a wood-fired hot tub will burn as many calories as taking a stroll in a park.

You can’t expect the same results as from water aerobics or active hydrotherapy, but it’s still a valuable bonus when you can burn calories while… soaking in water.

Forging your body

Heat and cold therapy are world-famous for its multiple health benefits. Why not have this therapy simply in your garden with a wooden hot tub? As an unwritten rule, getting used to colds strengthens our resistance to cold.

The heat of the wood-burning hot tub and the cold outside of it will have a different effect on our blood vessels and the movement of fluids in the body.

Remember, stagnant body fluids make you more susceptible to various infections and illnesses, and when forging your body with the heat of the wood-fired hot tub and cold, you definitely make those fluids move.

Feeling chilly outside – immersing into hot water – getting out to the cold – dressing a warm gown on or running to the cozily warm living room… It makes us feel more alive!

Opportunity to bring your loved ones together

A wooden hot tub has even more to offer than just health benefits. We may talk a lot about the benefits to different systems of the body, but our elders will confirm that when you have much love, your health will stay strong.

It’s not only a wood-burning hot tub, healthy food, air, or the right work conditions that keep us healthy and happy – it’s also the amount of love we share with others.

A wood-fired hot tub is just another reason to get together more often.

Final tips

Here are a few final tips for receiving ultimate health benefits from bathing in a wooden hot tub:

  • Make sure you’re wait a while after eating when you immerse in the water. Bathing soon after a meal will delay digestion since the blood from your stomach will flow to other parts of the body. A full stomach might feel uneasy when receiving light pressure from the surrounding water of the wood-burning hot tub.
  • A glass of wine or champagne is OK to sip through your bathing, but make sure it’s not really more than that. In fact, when bathing in a wood-fired hot tub, you’ll lose some body-liquids due to sweating; alcohol also causes dehydration. Combining the two is too much, and you might start feeling dizzy or even sick and confused. It’s best to alternate your Chardonnay with drinking water while being in a wooden hot tub.

Ensure optimal water temperature (37–39℃) and respond to your feeling when it’s too much of soaking in the water (usually 15-30 minutes at a time is recommended; you may get back when cooled down a bit later).

WARNING: you must not use the wood burning hot tub when suffering from fever, viral infections, blood flow or a heart condition, or any contagious skin diseases! Otherwise, a wood fired hot tub can worsen the situation.

May you experience all the benefits and sport robust health of a wooden hot tub no matter the season or age. May all your loved ones, who will want to visit you more often, enjoy those benefits too.

Happy hot tubbing!