Before the Gardenvity hot tub delivery van driver knocks on your door, check off some simple preparation items

Mar 5, 2020

 Before you decide to buy a wood-fired hot tub to enjoy in your garden, please carefully consider the provided delivery and installation information.

There are a few, but important steps you will need to take. While we take the best care bringing your hot tub intact to your front door, you will need to make some arrangements to carry the hot tub to the dedicated spot in your garden.

How Gardenvity ensures safe and reliable delivery of a hot tub

Each Gardenvity wooden hot tub gets carefully wrapped up with foam and protective plastic film. This ensures that the Thermowood exterior or any other part of the hot tub does not get damaged.

We place it on a side of a 1200 x 800mm pallet, which is used as a stable base and facilitates forklifting the unit if needed.

What delivery arrangements will you have to take care of?

There is some preparation for you to do while waiting for a Gardenvity hot tub delivery:

1. Ensure access for a delivery vehicle to your driveway

We deliver Gardenvity wooden hot tubs with a curtain side van to the client’s front yard. It is possible that the vehicle will block road traffic for a short time needed to unload the hot tub.

2. Arrange 4-5 helpful adults or a forklift to carry the hot tub to a designated spot.

You will have to organise bringing the hot tub to an intended spot. 4 to 5 adult men can carry our wooden hot tub easily, as you can see in the pictures. Depending on the model of a chosen Gardenvity wooden hot tub, it will weigh 180 to 260kg. Some customers make use of a bobcat to drive the hot tub to a designated place.

Each product has a list of delivery related technical information on our website, including its weight, dimensions, etc. for you to get accustomed to.

3. Arrange a crane if you need to lift the hot tub over your roof or side fence.

In case a hot tub needs to be brought to the backyard that can be accessed only through extremely narrow passages, a crane will be needed to lift the cargo over the roof or fence, so you would need to make necessary arrangements.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact Gardenvity customer service, and we’ll be glad to assist you. We have a number of providers we recommend you help you get the hot tub moved.