How to Choose a Wood Fired Hot Tub?

Oct 3, 2019

Congratulations on your interest to get one of the best ways to relax in the comfort of your own garden – buying a wooden hot tub! Right now, you’re probably asking yourself how to choose a hot tub that will best meet your needs and allow you to enjoy countless hours of spa pleasure?

There’s a wealth of tips available on the Internet, and it’s easy to get lost browsing. We’ve written this guide to help you choose a wood burning hot tub based on your lifestyle, home, and budget.

Read the following TOP 5 questions to consider so that you narrow down your options to benefit you and your family best.

How big a hot tub do you need?

When advising people on how to choose a wood fired hot tub, we’re asking them to think about the number of people that will sit in it together, as well as about the space available in their garden.

Are you going to have family or friend gatherings to enjoy your hot tub, or will you use a it primarily for one or two of you? When not limited by space, you may equally get a wood burning hot tub with an external or internal heater.

Yet, if you have to count the inches, it’s much wiser to choose an option with an internal heater. Make an outline of the hot tub you want, and then leave enough room for placing stairs, accessing the heater and safety zone around it (1-1.5 meters).

What is the main reason you want a hot tub?

Do you think mainly about relaxing, reconnecting with your family and having some water fun, or are you seeking therapeutic benefits? Or, perhaps, you wish a wood fired hot tub to provide a combination of both?

A simple soaking in hot water has numerous health benefits, but adding massage system to your wooden hot tub will do even more in terms of muscle relaxation, joint pain relief, and more.

Which wood burning hot tub materials are the easiest to maintain?

The materials of the interior and exterior of the hot tub will determine its look and durability, as well as how easy it is to clean your spot of relaxation.

A fibreglass insert requires no more than cleaning it with water running from a hose after you use a wood fired hot tub and an occasional wipe with a soapy cloth.

Thermowood exterior withstands changing weather conditions ensuring a longer lifespan of your wooden hot tub.

Wood-burning or electric heater?

Wood-fired heaters are more economical (the fuel costs little or even nothing at all if you have a source of free firewood).

Yes, you’ll need to do some work to get your wood burning hot tub prepared and the heater burning. Some people might dislike it at first, while others will see it as a part of the ritual, slowly burning the tension and worries away with each log they put into the fire of a wood fired hot tub.

Electric heaters, on the other hand, require just a push of a button, but your electricity bills are likely to peak up, and water will heat up slower.

What’s your budget?

The cost of a wooden hot tub can vary, and of course, it will depend on the size, materials used in production, and the features like hydro massage system etc.

When choosing which wood fired hot tub to buy, remember that budget includes more than just the price of a hot tub itself; consider its running costs (fuel/electricity, water, maintenance) and lifespan too.

Now that you’ve got the TOP 5 questions to help you sort out how to choose a wooden hot tub, you’ll be able to select from the wide range of wood fired hot tubs options out there. Find the one which is perfectly tailored to suit your needs in our product range.

Happy hot tubbing!