Why Gardenvity only use integrated wood fired heaters?

Feb 27, 2020

What are integrated wooden hot tub heaters? Are they the same as internal heaters? What are the advantages over an external one? And why have they become hot tub lovers’ most wanted option? These are all fair questions for someone who’s interested in a wood fired hot tub and is choosing from the plethora of choices available on the market. Remember, we at Gardenvity use our experience to offer only those options that have been tried and approved by our customers. The innovative integrated heater is the best option for heating water by far. Let us tell you exactly why.

Integrated vs. Internal vs. External wood fired heaters

First of all, we need to make a distinction between the different types of wood fired heaters used with wooden hot tubs. While an external heater is quite self-explanatory (it stands outside the wooden hot tub), it’s easier to get a bit confused with the concepts of ‘integrated’ and ‘internal’ heater.

Wood fired hot tub with external heater

An external heater usually leaves all the tub space for bathers, but it requires more space in your garden. A cautious person will feel nervous about children or pets running around since the heater walls might get dangerously hot. Also, there’s some exterior pipework that is needed to transfer the generated heat to the water inside the tub. You will need to burn some extra logs to compensate for that.

Wood fired hot tub with internal heater

An internal heater is more efficient compared to the external one. It literally sits inside the wood burning hot tub, and all the generated heat goes straight into the surrounding water. The problem is that the heater takes a fourth of the space in the wooden hot tub and requires creative solutions to clean each corner behind the protective panel.

Finally, an integrated heater – the only option used in Gardenvity wood fired hot tubs. Not so long ago, it was a brand new solution for heating hot tubs, now it’s becoming mainstream simply because hot tubbers love it. But what makes it so special?

 Gardenvity wood fired hot tub with integrated heater top view six people hottubing

Space-saving and aesthetic

A wooden hot tub with an integrated heater won’t take an inch of extra space in your garden, and won’t interfere with the overall aesthetic with pipes or fittings either. An integrated heater harmoniously adds to the neat design of a wooden hot tub

Likewise, an integrated hot tub heater won’t be claiming as much of a share of the space inside the tub as an internal heater. The small amount of space it does take up actually provides a raised part of the fiberglass insert where you can sit if you want to cool down a bit, because the top part of your body will then be above the water. It is also the perfect spot for children who would otherwise need to stand or sit on their parent’s laps to remain above the water! 

Ensuring safety and durability

Safety is one of the highest priorities in Gardenvity product design. An integrated hot tub heater does not have parts protruding into the garden space. Meaning children or pets running around a wooden hot tub are safe from accidental burns from touching the hot sidewalls of a heater.

Another important thing in reference to the design of the integrated heater used in Gardenvity wood burning hot tubs is the durability of materials. We use ASI 304 food-grade stainless steel guaranteed to stay in service for many years. Since the heater sits ‘hidden’ inside and is not exposed to the elements, it adds even more peace of mind.

Heating water efficiently

An integrated wood fired heater is one of the most efficient solutions for bringing water temperature to the desired +39℃. In summer, it will take only 1-2 hours, and when it’s cold outside, it will still do the work in 3-4 hours. This is at least six times faster than any electric heater can offer. 

Equally important, wood fired hot tubs won’t make your utility bills go up. A bundle of wood for under £5.00 from any garden centre should suffice for a hot tub session. Of course, there’s always an option to collect dry wood for free in a nearby forest.

Don’t forget to stir the water with a paddle or turn on the air massage system, because the hot water will naturally sit at the top of wood fired hot tubs. Mix the water every now and then to get an even temperature throughout the tub. If you want more advice on how to heat a hot tub and control the power of an integrated heater, read this dedicated article.

A state of the art wood fired hot tub in your garden

Well before the spa industry was ever a “thing,” people have always wanted to indulge in the pleasures and benefits of heated water. Many technologies have served the purpose over the years while having their own limitations, until now when we can finally enjoy the efficiency, aesthetics, safety, and durability ensured by an integrated wooden hot tub heater. This is why an integrated heater is Gardenvity’s single solution for current hot tub design, ensuring you receive only the best.